Save lives and help the ultra-Orthodox society in Israel

Call for urgent help – response to COVID-19 Health Crisis

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, about 50% of the COVID-19 infections in Israel are from the ultra-Orthodox society. Given our society's behavior in the public sphere, we estimate that this figure is expected to rise significantly in the upcoming weeks.

In light of this, we decided to take responsibility and utilize our organizational platform, as a nonprofit serving the ultra-Orthodox society, for the sake of advocacy and providing guidelines for responsible behavior in the face of the pandemic.

Haredim La'ketzev:

There is a national need to integrate the ultra-Orthodox population as contributing citizens in Israeli society. Our NGO was established to promote the resilience of the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel and to assist the integration of ultra-Orthodox youth into Israeli society, by providing tools and training for a healthy lifestyle. To that end, we run sports and dance classes for children and youth, women, and men.

Our NGO aims to serve as a warm home for ultra-Orthodox youth, assisting them in the process of social-emotional empowerment through learning Capoeira, developing healthy lifestyle awareness, exercise, healthy nutrition and the ability to change habits. We work with strict observance of all Halachic rules and with the encouragement of Rabbi Avraham Israel Rubin. Moreover, we operate the Studio Assay Network, supports ultra-competitive athletes, and carries out special social projects in sports.

Our beneficiaries acquire healthy life planning skills based on conscious nutrition and balanced physical activity while developing positive and balanced approaches to body image.

Target audience: The ultra-Orthodox society, with an emphasis on ultra-Orthodox youth-at-risk at dropout risk. Our primary beneficiaries are approximately 2,500 youth and young people. We see that our graduates successfully integrate into the Israeli workforce and become economically independent. They come back as a role-models for success into their families and communities and create a snowball of growing interest in the content and activities that our NGO provides. We believe that constructing a change agents' infrastructure would create community influential circles that would allow our graduates to return to their communities and constitute role models of work market integration and economic independence while preserving the Torah world.

Our NGO operates in Bnei Brak, Rehovot, Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Holon and Petah Tikva.

Michal (Mickey) Haitt – Founder and CEO

Mickey grew up in Rehovot, in a religious family of seven brothers. He studied in Talmud Torah. Mickey is a master in Capoeira and a professional athlete. He won the Israeli Championship and the European Championship. Moreover. he reached the fourth place at the 2018 World Championships. In addition to being an exceptional athlete, he is passionate about promoting social change for ultra-Orthodox at-risk-youth at dropout risk. Therefore, Mickey founded the Haredim La'ketzev, where he coaches annually thousands of boys and girls from across the country with an emphasis on extensive activity in the ultra-Orthodox society.

Urgent call for assistance during the current health crisis!

As mentioned above, we serve about 2,500 youth and young people. Even during this period, we continue to maintain regular online and telephone contact (a significant proportion of our beneficiaries are lack the excess to the internet).

In light of the crisis we are exposed to, we decided to take responsibility as a non-profit organization that promotes social change in ultra-Orthodox society. We hereby asking your urgent financial support for executing the following:

  1. Producing information leaflets in Hebrew and Yiddish
  2. Establish a call center, based on our NGO's counselors, to explain and mitigate to our beneficiaries and their families.
  3. Establishing a hotline, based on the Ministry of Health's guidelines, to be adapted to the ultra-Orthodox cultural and halakhic society.

Hoping for more carefree days,
Mickey (Michael) Haitt
CEO and Founder

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